The Black Pram Project™  will be an ongoing project shooting in various locations – beginning in Southern California.  

Following is a diary of how this project was born and it’s progression:

OCTOBER, 2012 

While walking along the San Diego harbor, I encountered a baby stroller standing alone atop a hill. My heart skipped a beat –  had an infant been abandoned?  Within just a few short seconds, I felt a fleeting range of emotions: fear, sadness, compassion, anger, curiosity.


I was captivated by the notion that one object could immediately evoke such a wide range of emotions and was intrigued by how others might react to the same.

My imagination seized upon that brief moment and the Black Pram Project™  was conceived (although not yet named).

WINTER, 2012 

Over the next few months, I found myself thinking about this project more and more.  Research began and the concept gradually evolved until a very clear path was formed and a plan of action initiated.

The search for the ideal pram commences.

MARCH, 2013 

Perfect pram is found … in Boston.


Conceptual design of images is under way and will continue throughout the project.

JUNE, 2013 

The pram arrives in San Diego.

Shooting begins.  The Black Pram Project™  makes its debut appearance in downtown San Diego.

JULY, 2013 

Website ( is launched.

The Black Pram Project™  is going to Comic-Con!

ComiCon 2013

AUGUST, 2013 

Through corresponding with Suzy Fischer (the previous owner of the pram), I discovered her story and connection to the pram. It is as follows, in her words:

WOW, Just went to your website, checked the whole thing!, Love the photographs!!! For me it started when I was eight, and I was walking in the woods near my house in CT. I saw the empty carriage, and for the rest of my life I wondered how it got there and why? Every nite I hoped that someone would leave a baby on my doorstep, Most nites I stayed awake listening, never happened. But I still went to visit that old pram in the woods every day, my Mom would not let me bring it home.  …”


While out shooting, I often encounter people who are curious about this project or have a related story that they are kind enough to share with me or  just want to take a photo with the pram. Inevitably, everyone peeks inside the pram.

Public participation in the Black Pram Project™  is welcome and even encouraged.

Various interactive aspects will be incorporated into this project – initially, on-location photo shoot dates and locations will be posted on Facebook and Twitter as they are scheduled.

WINTER, 2013 

As all ideas do as they mature, Black Pram Project™ continues to evolve.

Considerable thought has been given to this project in the last few months, while attending to other matters (such as printing, creating a portfolio, attending a portfolio review, preparing for a group exhibit). New ideas are in store for the pram and will be implemented when shooting resumes in late-January.

On Facebook, “Black Pram Project™ Meets …” is introducing various people I encounter with the pram and sharing a glimpse of what they are doing to make a difference in this world.

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”
― Mother Teresa

Black Pram Project™ Meets … The Ciampa Family: “Family is who we strive to be. Through love, acceptance, listening, honesty, respect, laughter and adventure, we embrace the gifts we have been given. These gifts are getting to truly know and delight in the remarkable individuals who create our family.”

JANUARY, 2014 

Black Pram Project™ will be making it’s first gallery appearance in Momentum at Pulse Gallery (Bread & Salt Building, 1955 Julian Avenue, San Diego, CA 92113) – January 9, 2014 through February 28, 2014.

Momentum is a group exhibition of work created by artists who have participated in the Mentor Program offered by Art Pulse – one of the best things I’ve ever done.

On exhibit will be three 31″ x 46″ photographs mounted on steel as well as the interactive installation, “what are you afraid of?”

Momentum - Photo (sm)"what are you afraid of?"
(Installation Photo by Red Tie Photography)

MARCH, 2014 

Black Pram Project™ will be included in Open Call L.A. 2014 at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (Barnsdall Park, 4800 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027) – March 30, 2014 through April 12, 2014.

Three photographs in painted vintage frames will be shown in this exhibition.

MAY, 2014 

Many people participated in the interactive installation, “what are you afraid of?” by writing their answer to the question posed on a Polaroid photo taken with the pram and pinning it to a framed board.  Some are incredibly honest, while others are funny.

I will be posting some of these photos on Facebook.  Here is a sneak peek:

Not another one!